RWC Systems Awarded Contract for Kelowna Airport Terminal Building Expansion

We are excited to announce that RWC Systems has been awarded the contract for the Kelowna Airport Terminal Building Expansion project. 

As specialists in the installation and construction of high-end and specialty walls and ceilings, we are excited to bring our expertise to this significant expansion project.

Kelowna Airport Terminal Building Expansion

The Kelowna International Airport (YLW) serves as British Columbia’s second major gateway, linking the Okanagan Valley with passengers and goods. Recognized as a regional economic powerhouse, YLW’s capacity is essential for facilitating flights across the Okanagan and beyond. 

The Airport Terminal Building (ATB) expansion aims to enhance this capacity by optimizing both existing and new spaces, with a focus on environmental sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Initiated in fall 2022, Phase 1 of the expansion is set to conclude by 2026, featuring an enlarged Departures Lounge, enhanced security screening, and improved wayfinding. 

Meanwhile, Phase 2, slated for 2036, will further expand the terminal, introduce high-capacity baggage carousels, and revamp areas for international arrivals and the Canada Border Services Agency.

RWC Systems’ Role

Our scope in this project encompasses the installation of steel studs, drywall, and acoustic ceilings. 

With our proven track record in delivering top-notch installations, we are confident in our ability to contribute significantly to the success of this expansion.

Joining Our Portfolio of Transportation Projects

The Kelowna Airport Terminal Building Expansion will be a proud addition to our growing portfolio of transportation projects. Some of our notable projects in this domain include:

And many more infrastructure projects!

We are deeply honored to be a part of this transformative project and look forward to working closely with all stakeholders to ensure its successful completion. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this exciting journey!

Oakridge Redevelopment Project Update

The Oakridge Centre redevelopment is set to be the largest development in Vancouver’s history, and RWC Systems is proud to be part of its construction.  

We are excited to share an update on our involvement in the Oakridge Redevelopment Project.

About the Oakridge Center Redevelopment Project

After over a decade of meticulous planning, construction has started and is projected to be complete in 2025. The international team behind this ambitious endeavour has refined the design to a world-class standard, unparalleled in the country. 

The redevelopment, spanning a massive 28.5-acre property, is envisioned to be a “hilltop town” with a new, purpose-built complex. The new Oakridge Centre will feature a multi-storey shopping area, an indoor mall, an outdoor high-street, and a plethora of other amenities, including a 100,000 sq. ft. community center and a nine-acre public park on the rooftop.

RWC Systems’ Role:

Our current scope in this massive project involves the installation of steel studs and drywall on the north and south Podium and Parkade Levels. Additionally, we are responsible for the installation of the curved exterior Soffit around both buildings. 

These curved sculptural soffits, which wrap around the entire structure, are set to become a standout design feature upon completion.

In terms of scale, RWC Systems is overseeing approximately 90,000 SQFT of drywall in Phase 1 North and about 180,000 SQFT in Phase 1 South.

Challenges and Collaboration:

A project of this magnitude is not without its challenges. Given the vastness of the site, understanding the schematics can be intricate. Moreover, monitoring the scope and limits poses its own set of difficulties. 

To navigate these challenges, our Project Managers and Field Teams have fostered a close-knit collaboration. Regular communication between the management and field crew ensures that everyone is aligned. This holistic feedback mechanism aids in monitoring the schedule, tracking progress, and identifying any changes encountered on-site.

Looking Ahead:

We are still near the beginning of this incredible project, and we are excited about the journey ahead. We look forward to sharing more updates in the future.

Joining Our Portfolio of Commercial and Luxury Retail Projects

The Oakridge Center Redevelopment projet will be a proud addition to our growing portfolio of high-end commercial and luxury retail projects. Some of our notable projects in this domain include:

And many more commercial and luxury retail projects.

RWC Systems’ Annual Family BBQ: Celebrating 45 Years of Excellence

At RWC Systems, we’ve always prided ourselves on our dedication, craftsmanship, and quality. For 45 years, we’ve specialized in the construction of complex and specialty walls and ceilings, setting ourselves apart in the construction industry.

It feels like just yesterday when, at 19, Garth Robertson, as a 2nd-year apprentice taper, took the bold step to incorporate our company, envisioning a bright future filled with growth and potential. From securing the first drywall contract for a custom home to making the strategic decision to focus solely on commercial projects, our journey has been nothing short of incredible. 

Over the years, we’ve achieved significant milestones, such as being awarded contracts for the Vancouver Olympic HQ, the Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel in Whistler, and our recent rebranding to RWC Systems Inc. Today, we’re proud to have a team of 30 dedicated in-office staff and manage over 200 hardworking site workers.

This year’s family BBQ is particularly close to our hearts as it commemorates the 45th anniversary of RWC Systems. Over these 45 years, while our expertise has expanded, our core values have remained unshaken: a dedication to our craft, meticulous attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to delivering quality.

Our BBQ is more than just a gathering; it’s a day for us to look back on our achievements, celebrate our journey, and envision our future. This year, we were thrilled to share a special video and photos that encapsulate the essence of RWC Systems and our incredible journey over the years.

As we set our sights on the future, we’re confident that this BBQ will remain a beloved tradition, bringing our RWC family together in celebration and gratitude.

For those who’d like to delve deeper into our history and the remarkable journey of RWC Systems, please visit our 45th-anniversary page.

RWC 2023 Annual Family BBQ Celebration Photos

RWC Systems Celebrates it’s 45th Anniversary

In 1978, a dream was starting to take shape. He might not have known it yet, but our founder, Garth Roberson, was about to embark on a journey that wasn’t merely about constructing walls and ceilings, but about shaping skylines, crafting interiors, and laying down a legacy. 

Over the past 45 years, our expertise has grown, but our core values have remained steadfast: dedication to craft, attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

As we stand on the threshold of our Sapphire anniversary, it’s a moment to reflect, cherish, and celebrate every project, every challenge, and every triumph. Journey with us as we walk down memory lane, exploring a timeline that spans four and a half decades of excellence, innovation, and unwavering commitment.

Join us in this nostalgic trip, as we proudly showcase our story from inception to date.

RWC Systems History


Garth Robertson Incorporates ‘Robertson Construction Ltd.’

At 19 years of age, 2nd-year apprentice taper, Garth Robertson, incorporates “in case the business grew”

First drywall contract awarded for a custom home


Awarded drywall contract for first subdivision of “EconoHomes’ after the housing market crash of 1981.


Moved the material storage from the garden shed to a large new garage


Purchased first fleet vehicle


First commercial warehouse contract of steel stud drywall & T-bar


Moved office & warehouse to a new building on Mitchell Island for our first corporate office


First large office tenant improvement project awarded


Transitioned out of residential projects to 100% commercial projects

Starting with some well known brand like: YVR International Terminal, CARA Brands, Stuart Olson Construction & Cactus Club

Awarded Contract for Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel Whistler

90-suite hotel in Whistler for Scott Construction Ltd.

Awarded Willingdon Park office buildings contract

Awarded contract for three buildings in Willingdon Park for Stuart Olson, exteriors & interiors

Hired First full-time Estimator

Adding to the office staff of three

Rodney & Larry join the office team

Two eldest sons, join the office team as Project Managers

Awarded contract for Vancouver Olympic HQ

Leading to many additional Olympic venues

Rebuilt Robertson Walls & Ceilings brand

Started strategic business coaching after the Global Financial & Crisis

RWC doubles in size from previous year and continues growing


Achieved First COR Certification with 96%


Awarded the first significant out-of-town project with Harbour Towers in Victoria


Awarded Royal Columbian Hospital contract


Officially Rebranded again to RWC Systems Inc.


Awarded New St Paul’s Hospital Contract


RWC Systems Turns 45!

Currently, 30 in-office staff and managing over 200 plus site workers.

RWC Systems Awarded Contract for Cloverdale Sport & Ice Complex Construction

We are thrilled to announce that RWC Systems has been entrusted with a pivotal role in the construction of the Cloverdale Sport & Ice Complex, a state-of-the-art community hub set to redefine recreational experiences in Surrey.

Graham Construction, the general contractor spearheading this project, has awarded us the contract to construct the walls and ceilings of the facility. 

This new sports complex is not just another building; it’s a symbol of community growth and engagement. Once complete, it will enhance Surrey’s overall ice capacity, catering to the needs of Cloverdale residents and serving broader city and sport destination needs.

The Cloverdale Sport & Ice Complex is not just another project for us; it’s a testament to our commitment to community development. This venture joins the ranks of other significant public community centre projects we’ve been privileged to be a part of, including the Clayton Community Centre and the Grandview Heights Aquatic Centre.

The Project generally consists of the construction of the new Cloverdale Sport and Ice Centre located at 6336 177B Street, Surrey, BC. The project includes but is not limited to the construction of a new 105,000-square-foot arena providing two NHL-sized arena sheet spaces complete with change rooms, spectator seating, meeting rooms, and supporting facilities.

Our responsibilities for the Cloverdale Sport & Ice Complex encompasses the installation of Steel Stud Framing and Drywall Construction.

The steel stud and drywall scope is set to begin in Quarter 1 of 2024, with the occupancy in September 2024.

Beyond its structural features, the complex will offer a variety of programs such as ice hockey, figure skating, public lessons, skating sessions, and dry-floor summer use for sports like lacrosse and ball hockey. 

Stay tuned for more updates on this project.

RWC Systems Awarded Contract for Cariboo Hospital Redevelopment Project

We are thrilled to announce that RWC Systems has been awarded the contract to construct the walls and ceilings for the Cariboo Hospital Redevelopment project. This significant project, managed by Graham Construction, is set to revolutionize healthcare services in the Williams Lake and Cariboo-Chilcotin region.

This contract marks another project in RWC’s healthcare portfolio, further solidifying our reputation as a trusted partner in the healthcare construction sector. Our previous successes in delivering high-quality, efficient, and sustainable hospital construction projects have paved the way for this exciting opportunity.

Under the new contract, RWC Systems will be responsible for the installation of steel stud framing, drywall, acoustic ceilings, and specialty ceilings. These elements are crucial to the overall structure and functionality of the hospital, and we are committed to ensuring they are installed to the highest standards.

The Cariboo Hospital Redevelopment project is a significant undertaking, set to enhance healthcare services for the local community. The project includes a three-storey addition to the existing hospital and extensive renovations to the current facility. The redevelopment will add 25 in-patient beds, bringing the total to 53, and will introduce a range of new health-care services.

RWC Systems is proud to be part of this transformative project. Our team of skilled professionals is ready to bring their expertise and dedication to the Cariboo Hospital Redevelopment project. We are committed to delivering a construction solution that meets the highest standards of quality, safety, and sustainability.

We look forward to working closely with Graham Construction and contributing to a project that will have a lasting impact on the community. Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this exciting journey to enhance healthcare infrastructure in the Cariboo-Chilcotin region.