Ernst and Young


Office and Workspace


Vancouver, BC


$2 Thousand

General Contractor

Ledcor Construction

Project Completion



Ernst & Young (EY) opened a new Vancouver office at "The Stack", Vancouver's Tallest Office building. The space consisted of 4 floors in the office tower with the most pristine 360 views of the Vancouver Skyline. Specializing in complex and specialty wall and ceiling installations, RWC project scope included precise steel stud framing, acoustic ceiling placement, and specialty wall construction. This undertaking combined aesthetics, acoustics, and functionality to create an environment that encapsulates Ernst & Young's business ethos. It underscores RWC Systems' ability to deliver exacting, practical, and beautifully designed workspaces, further amplified by our connection to this iconic structure. The project serves as a testament to our versatility and dedication to client needs.