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Plan Review And Audit

Often architectural drawings are very preliminary when submitted for budget estimates. Additional details are added to the drawings once the budget is accepted. Sometimes these drawings include materials that are difficult to source or require construction methods that are inefficient to execute.

The Pre-Construction Service reviews the architectural designs and eliminates choke points and inefficiencies to maintain the original budget and timeline while keeping to the project’s intent.



Construction projects are complex and require many disparate teams. Sometimes, teams may over-scope, under deliver or delay progress after the budgets and timelines are approved. RWC’s Pre-Construction service reviews all plans for items that are out of scope or inefficient to ensure the project is on time and budget while keeping to the client’s intent.



By proactively reviewing plans and comparing them with historical construction data sets, RWC’s Pre-Construction Service can identify areas that have caused delays or additional costs in previous projects. Using this data, RWC’s Pre-Construction Service optimizes the plan to remove any materials or activities that can incur extra costs while the job progresses.

Value Engineering

There is often a significant time gap between when the architectural drawings are solidified and when construction begins. Material and labour costs and availability can fluctuate dramatically during this time, causing budget overages and timeline disruptions.

The Pre-Construction Service can “value engineer” alternative methods and source alternative materials that keep to the original budget and timeline while maintaining the project’s original intent.

Schedule & Sequencing Optimization

Many modern projects require specialized materials, which often take time to source, fabricate or procure. Delays in having these materials ready will impact the timelines and affect costs.

Leveraging RWC’s extensive construction experience, the Pre-Construction Service can identify and proactively source and order materials that require long lead times to eliminate construction delays.

What Our Client Says

Better Quality Product

“What we’re experiencing now in BC is getting over-heated. We’re seeing the stress in finding the right people. Robertson took it upon themselves to try to modularize and prefab a lot of these assemblies to try to take away that challenge of the labour pool in the field and put it in their shop. There are a lot of benefits to Ellis Don and to the end-user or client: we get a better quality product and they’ve helped manage that risk on-site.”
David McFarlane Area Manager Ellis Don

New and Different

“It seems today that there is always a desire to come up with something new and something different. Having a trade like Robertson Walls and Ceiling, they are in tune with that. They bring a lot of experience and knowledge to the table, and they’re of a size that we know we can rely on when manpower is required to step up.”
Michael Vernon Senior Project Manager Wales Mclelland Construction

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