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Meet the leadership team of RWC Systems, the pivotal force dedicated to maintaining RWC's position at the forefront of innovation and commitment to quality.

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Larry Robertson


Larry Robertson, the CEO of RWC Systems, brings a dynamic and forward-thinking leadership style to the company. His responsibilities include overseeing four key areas: the CFO, Directors of HR, Construction, and Pre-Construction. Larry is dedicated to sustaining and enhancing the long-standing customer and vendor relationships that have been pivotal to RWC’s success.

Larry’s career in the construction industry is both rich and diverse. He began as a plasterer, working his way through an apprenticeship program, before transitioning into site management. Although he briefly served as a project manager, his passion for securing deals led him to the estimating department. After three years as an estimator and subsequently as a team leader, he ascended to the role of Director of Business Development, a position he held for nine years.

Celebrating his 20th year at RWC, Larry’s commitment to the company is unmatched. His professional development includes completing the Scotworks Advancement in Negotiation training course.

Larry enjoys spending his free time with his wife and two children, exploring the scenic trails of British Columbia through hiking and biking.

Photo of Travis Sloat

Travis Sloat

Director of Construction

Travis Sloat, the Director of Construction at RWC Systems, epitomizes a career characterized by dedication, growth, and expertise in the construction industry. In his role, Travis is responsible for overseeing construction operations, reviewing contract scopes and major project tenders, and managing project managers, coordinators, and field supervisors.

Travis’ journey in the construction sector is extensive and diverse, beginning with 15 years. He then advanced to a Job Site Foreman for 3 years, followed by roles as a Project Manager and Senior Project Manager, culminating in his recent positions as Operations Manager and Director of Operations. In total, Travis brings over 25 years of experience in the steel stud construction industry to his current leadership role.

Known for his honesty, forthrightness, and insightful approach, Travis has been an integral part of RWC’s growth over his 10 years with the team. Outside of his professional life, he is passionate about spending time with family, embarking on road trips, hiking, and appreciating the beauty of natural scenery.

Photo of Rup Dadwan

Rup Dadwan

Director of Human Resources & Safety

Rup Dadwan, the Director of Human Resources and Safety at RWC Systems, brings a dynamic blend of creativity and strategic leadership. Overseeing Human Resources, Safety, and Office Operations, he is committed to enhancing the workplace through a people-first approach and continuous improvement.

Rup’s professional experience includes roles as Human Resources and Safety Advisor, Manager, and Director, contributing significantly to Business Excellence Consulting. His experience spans notable firms like Pavac Industries, Penfolds Roofing and Solar, Ecco Manufacturing, and Mowi USA & Canada.

Armed with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resources, and accreditations like CPHR and SHRM-SCP, Rup stands out for his innovative, versatile, and respectful leadership style, bolstered by strong business acumen. He has notably streamlined safety processes, led companies to COR certification, and successfully challenged significant WorkSafeBC fines.

Beyond his professional realm, Rup is passionate about hiking, fitness, entrepreneurship, and cooking

Photo of Lisa Lehwald

Lisa Lehwald


Lisa Lehwald, the Chief Financial Officer at RWC Systems, expertly manages the company’s finances, risk management (spanning financial, IT, and legal areas), and strategic planning for the leadership team. She also oversees the Finance department and IT, and aids in RWC’s marketing efforts.

Lisa’s professional experience includes roles such as Director of Finance, Controller, Accounting Manager and Risk Analyst at companies like PCL Constructors Westcoast, Ledcor CMI, Jericho Tennis Club and Moe’s Home Collection.

With over 15 years in the construction industry, she holds a CPA, CMA designation, a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons), and has completed the CFO CPA Certificate program. Lisa is known for her empathetic leadership style, dedication to positive change, and non-complacent attitude. She has been pivotal in driving paperless processes and is acclaimed for her exceptional team management skills.

Outside of work, Lisa enjoys family time, travel, winery visits, water activities, snowboarding, hiking, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, reflecting her passion for personal well-being and professional excellence.

Photo of Kevin Robertson

Kevin Robertson

Director of Pre-Construction

Kevin Robertson, as the Director of Pre-Construction at RWC Systems, plays a crucial role in driving the company’s growth and innovation in business development and estimating. His professional journey in the industry spans over eight years, beginning with a five-year tenure as an estimator, followed by two impactful years as a Design Build Manager.

Kevin’s educational background is both comprehensive and distinguished. He studied Business/Managerial Economics at the University of California, Berkeley, honed his skills in Construction Estimating at BCIT, and furthered his expertise in Advanced Business Management through SkillPath. This multifaceted education has equipped him with a broad and in-depth understanding of the industry’s intricacies.

Renowned for his innovative approach to complex designs and client needs, Kevin has been instrumental in expanding RWC’s reach into new markets, particularly in the healthcare sector. Outside of work, Kevin’s passions include spending quality time with his extended family, embarking on challenging hiking adventures with his wife, and closely following the developments in the NHL.

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