Progress at the New St. Paul’s Hospital: A RWC Systems Update

As one of Vancouver’s premier walls and ceilings contractors, RWC Systems is proud to share an update on our pivotal role in the construction of the New St. Paul’s Hospital. This landmark project, situated on 18 acres just east of Vancouver’s downtown core, represents a significant step forward in healthcare accessibility for the residents of Vancouver. Upon completion, the campus will boast a 2 million square foot acute care hospital alongside a connected Clinical Support and Research Center, forming a world-class medical and research hub unparalleled in Canada.

New St.Paul’s Hospital Video Update

RWC Systems has been entrusted with a crucial phase of the construction, focusing on the interior and exterior infrastructure critical for the hospital’s functionality and comfort. Our responsibilities span the installation of steel studs, drywall, and acoustic ceilings across various parts of the hospital, specifically:

  • The interior of Podium levels 1 to 3,
  • Exterior walls on levels 1 to 11, and
  • The East Tower Interior of Levels 6 to 11.

This comprehensive task covers over 3.1 million square feet of framing, 1.7 million square feet of drywall, 429,000 square feet of acoustic ceilings, and the installation of over 4,200 doors and windows. To meet these ambitious targets, RWC has deployed an extensive team, with approximately 100 personnel on site at any given time and up to 30 people working on each floor.

Innovation and efficiency are at the heart of our operations. RWC has revolutionized the construction process for the exterior walls through an innovative prefabrication method. By assembling large sections of the exterior walls offsite and then quickly installing these panels on site, our team can install over 20 panels a day—significantly outpacing traditional construction methods. This approach not only enhances productivity but also plays a crucial role in keeping the project on schedule and within budget.

Furthermore, RWC is committed to integrating new technologies into our construction processes. We have transitioned to a completely paperless execution, with job boxes set up on every floor. These boxes allow personnel to access drawings and 3D models, facilitating a seamless flow of information. Additionally, the use of mobile tablets enables our team to access crucial information on the go, further boosting our efficiency and productivity.

The construction of the New St. Paul’s Hospital is a monumental undertaking that will continue to unfold in the coming years. RWC Systems is proud to contribute to a project of such importance and scale, and we are excited about its positive impact on healthcare provision in Vancouver and beyond. We believe that our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and quality will ensure this project’s success and set new standards in construction practices for healthcare facilities across Canada.

Stay tuned for more updates on the New St. Paul’s Hospital project and other initiatives from RWC Systems as we continue to build the future of healthcare infrastructure in Vancouver.