Elevating Walls and Ceilings Construction: Quality Control and Operations 

By Travis Sloat, Director of Construction at RWC Systems

The significance of selecting the right drywall contractor must be balanced in large commercial projects. My extensive journey through the construction industry, culminating in my role as Director of Construction at RWC Systems, has given me insights into the pillars of exceptional construction: quality control and seamless operations. 

The Pillars of Quality in Construction

Quality Control as the Foundation

Quality control is the foundation of exceptional construction work. At RWC Systems, we’ve built our quality control process to ensure it’s not just a phase but the essence of every step of our construction process. This rigorous approach ensures the conditions are correct, the right materials are used, tolerances are maintained and each phase follows the correct sequence. Our foremen, supervisors and a dedicated quality control team are pivotal in this process, equipped with direct access to the latest drawings and specifications through connected devices, ensuring they have the right information at their fingertips.  

Embracing Technology for Efficiency

The traditional method of referring to plans and specifications located away from the actual construction site are inefficient and outdated. Recognizing this, we’ve integrated mobile-connected workstations on our job sites, on the floor where the work is being done This innovation allows for real-time access to project information, dramatically reducing the time wasted on information retrieval and significantly minimizing errors. These field office job boxes, equipped with internet-connected computers, are strategically placed close to the work areas, ensuring seamless access to the most current project details.

Specialization and Expertise

Quality in construction is not just about following plans but understanding the intricacies of each task. To this end, we employ trade specialists who possess deep expertise in their respective areas, such as framing, taping/finishing and specialty products. These specialists oversee the quality control in the field, ensuring it meets our stringent standards. In instances of workmanship not meeting RWC standards, our dedicated deficiency teams step in immediately, rectifying issues before they become deficiencies that our customers need to track. This approach saves valuable time for our customers without needing to track lengthy deficiency lists to close out projects.

Continuous Improvement

Our quest for excellence is ongoing. We continuously refine our quality control checklists that cover every conceivable aspect of our work, from material handling and layout to door frames and ceiling installations. This exhaustive attention to detail ensures that we preemptively address potential issues, maintaining a flawless execution standard.

Operational Excellence for Competitive Advantage

Innovative Construction Methods

In a mature industry, RWC Systems prides itself on innovation. As an example, our process of prefabricating exterior wall panels off-site, delivering them just in time, and developing work plans efficiently that utilize various tools and equipment to accommodate a wide variety of conditions has received acclaim for its speed and quality, demonstrating our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Optimizing Manpower

Our field superintendents play a crucial role in ensuring that we have the right people, with the right skills, on the right project, at the right time. This dynamic resource management allows us to adapt to the evolving needs of each project, ensuring that our workforce is skilled and aligned with the specific requirements of the task at hand.  Our field superintendents work with our installers to constantly improve and ensure that our apprentices stay on track to develop the standard of the RWC ways.  Our foreman and site superintendents are reviewed every quarter to ensure constant improvement and that we give our customers the highest standards.  Our business leadership meets with our foreman and superintendents every quarter to get their feedback on what we can do to improve.  

Cultivating a Unique Culture

At the heart of RWC Systems is a culture we call the “RWC Ways.” This culture emphasizes professionalism, respect, communication, and problem-solving. It’s visible on every project site and characterized by our team’s drive to excel and collaborate. Our approach to recruitment and retention focuses on aligning with individuals who embody these values, ensuring that our team is not just technically proficient but also a pleasure to work with.

Collaborative Progress

Our proactive approach extends to handling Requests for Information (RFIs). We believe in proposing solutions alongside any queries, accelerating the decision-making process and keeping projects on schedule. 

Helping our partners on-site achieve their goals ensures that we meet ours.  Meeting the schedule is one of the most important requirements of any project, and this collaborative spirit is not just about avoiding delays; it’s about contributing to a constructive, solutions-focused project environment.

Choosing the right drywall contractor is more than a matter of assessing technical capabilities. It’s about finding a partner committed to quality, innovation, and a positive project culture. At RWC Systems, we embody these principles, setting us apart as a leader in the construction industry. As you navigate the selection process, consider these facets to ensure your project not only meets but exceeds expectations, laying the foundation for success that lasts far beyond the construction phase.