A Year of Dynamic Growth and Bright Futures: RWC Systems’ 2023 in Review

Dear RWC Systems Family and Friends,

As we wrap up this incredible year, I’m thrilled to reflect on our journey filled with significant achievements and exciting growth. The vibrancy and dynamism at RWC Systems have been more palpable than ever!

New Projects and Achievements:

  • Cariboo Hospital Redevelopment: We’re not just building structures; we’re crafting a future of enhanced healthcare. This project is a beacon of our commitment to community health and well-being.
  • Cloverdale Sport and Ice Complex: Here’s to fostering community spirit and sportsmanship! This complex is a testament to our versatility and passion for bringing recreational dreams to life.
  • Kelowna Airport Terminal Building: As we expand this pivotal gateway, we’re not just constructing walls; we’re building connections that bring the world closer.
  • Canaccord Tenant Improvement Project: Transforming commercial spaces into vibrant, dynamic environments that inspire creativity and productivity.
  • The completion of 1133 Melville “The Stack”: One of Vancouver’s most uniquely designed skyscrapers that features 4 four stacked boxes throughout the building, 
  • The Completion of ‘The Post’ base building and South Tower TI: This landmark project was the first of its kind and required RWC Systems to preserve the old heritage exterior while constructing two new independent highrises in this project.

Progress on Flagship Projects:

  • Royal Columbian Hospital: Each Steel Stud and every gypsum panel installed brings us closer to redefining healthcare infrastructure.
  • New St. Paul’s Hospital: A landmark in medical excellence, this project represents our dedication to creating spaces that heal and nurture. RWC has started to install the prefab exterior and started the interior framing.
  • Oakridge Redevelopment: We have now worked our way into the future retail areas of this project. Stay tuned for updates as we start on the finishing stage of this exciting project.
  • YVR 21 at The Post: We have now moved into the construction of the amenities areas Level 7 & 8.
  • Capstan Way Skytrain Station: A symbol of our commitment to sustainable transportation solutions.

Internal Growth and Celebrations:

  • We’ve grown to over 350 site workers. Our ability to execute large and complex projects rests on our site teams, and we’re proud to be able to grow at this rate.
  • Our Rebranding Journey: Transitioning to RWC Systems, we’ve embraced a new identity that mirrors our evolution and future aspirations.
  • 45th Anniversary: This milestone is a tribute to our enduring commitment to excellence and innovation.
  • Leadership Evolution: Stepping in as CEO, I am honored to lead us into a future brimming with possibilities.

Here’s to a year filled with growth, success, and joy. We’re excited to carry this momentum into the coming year, building a brighter, more connected world!

Warmest regards,

Larry Robertson,
CEO, RWC Systems