LNGC Non Process Buildings




Kitmat, BC


$9.3 Million

General Contractor

Bird Construction

Project Duration

April 2021 - Dec 2022

Project Completion



Large scale



LNG Canada, a joint venture committed to building and operating a safe and competitive LNG export facility, embarked on a significant project in Kitimat, where RWC Systems played a crucial role. From April 2021 to December 2022, we worked alongside Bird Construction to deliver 13 non-process support buildings, encompassing service rooms and workshops essential for the facility’s operations.

Our scope included installing 2.5 million sq ft of soft drywall and 150k sq ft of t-bar ceilings, managed by upwards of 80 on-site staff. The project’s remote location posed challenges, with our team residing in client-provided facilities and adapting to frequent weather changes, showcasing our resilience and commitment to delivering excellence under demanding conditions.

13 Non process support buildings 2.5 M SqFt drywall 150k SqFt T-bar ceilings 80 People on site at any given time