1133 Melville Street


Commercial Building


Vancouver, BC



General Contractor

Ledcor Construction

Project Duration

June 2020 – Dec 2022


The Stack at 1133 Melville in Vancouver’s unique exterior design features 4 four stacked boxes throughout the building, making it stand out amongst a crowd of surrounding skyscrapers.

RWC Systems was selected to construct the exterior and interior walls and ceilings of this building. This included specialty exterior soffits assemblies, a two-floor lobby and interior acoustical ceilings for this commercial high-rise. This project used a significant amount of custom and alternative materials.

Ledcor selected RWC Systems because of its reputation for delivering complex, large-scale projects with a high degree of quality and due to RWC's previous projects with Ledcor.

Custom, durable, corrosion-resistant materials

Aluminum's corrosion resistance made it the ideal choice over steel stud framing materials. This material change decision removed the need for future maintenance checks while lasting the lifetime of the building. This also meant that access to inspect these areas were not required.

Two-Floor Lobby

The two-floor lobby was constructed using high-end finishes and specialty installation drywall products in conference rooms for sound deadening. Once the installation was complete, a layer of specialty paint was applied to give off a fine textured appearance on the conference room ceilings.

Exterior Soffit Installation

The building’s rotational design created a challenge as the floor of the building shifts on floors 5, 11, 18 and 26. To install the soffits underneath these floors, a series of scaffoldings needed to be constructed underneath. This posed a challenge on the 26th floor as the scaffolding in that area was extremely high.