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Our Safety

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Safety is paramount and underpins everything we do.  We adopt a "Safety First" policy that is fundamental to our overall culture and the success of our company.

As a COR Certified company with an above-average rating of 95% over the past four years, our Safety Program is designed to provide a safe and healthy environment for all.  Our Management Team is committed and leads by example.  We have created a culture of safety through an effective health and safety management system and the shared belief in the principles of the Internal Responsibility System.  We have a full-time, in house company safety officer, who continually provides all of our sites with the constantly changing safety guidelines and documentation, and ensures all our workers adhere to strict safety practices.  All our staff are trained and regularly updated on safety regulations.

Keep our team safe on all of our projects is our number one priority.

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My opinion of a successful CSO is when you are able to change the safety culture of the organization. This takes a considerable amount of time and is done through educating, training, communication, rehearsing and lots of practice.

Will Simpson

Chief Safety Officer