With success RWC offers fully paid apprenticeship training through the RWC Training Academy.

We offer exciting opportunities to develop your skills in a learning environment.  Potential apprentices receive paid training hours, competitive industry wages, company paid health coverage, diverse project work and related equipment training such as boom/lift, scissor, fall protection, forklift, and telehandler.

Take control of your future and let RWC assist you with the tools to be successful in our industry.

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply to this program with un updated resume and cover letter that outlines interests in participating in our program. 

Frequently asked questions

Apprenticeships are open to women, men, and youth. Everyone is welcome, even if you’re in high school, finished college, or simply want a career change, we have a place for you to develop.

Most apprenticeships take four years to complete.

Upon completion of classroom training, on-the-job hours, and a final exam, a certified journeyperson will confirm your skill level and competence. Once you receive your ticket, whether Interprovincial Red Seal, or BC Certificate of Qualification, you’ll be recognized by colleagues and the public as a skilled professional in your trade.

It is both. Apprentices spend about 80% of their time learning on the job. That means you earn money while you learn.

About 20% of your apprenticeship is spent in classroom-based training – also known as technical training.

Skilled tradespersons that are qualified in the Walls and Ceilings trade.

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